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Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Are you looking for a new challenge but want to enjoy yourself at the same time? Many people have started learning a language at school or later in life using CDs and books or may have even enrolled in a night school class but still don’t feel able to speak the language. People often feel a failure where languages are concerned but it is impossible to learn a language without practising it on a regular basis. You will find Chataway’s approach is the polar opposite to the way you were taught at school in the UK. We are all about making language learning a fun, positive and confidence building experience.

Improve your Career Prospects

Stand out from other candidates and enhance your CV significantly by being able to speak a language or listing it as a hobby. Foreign Languages can help your career in many sectors as we trade internationally and welcome visitors to the Northwest from all over Europe. Hoteliers, Retailers, Restauranteurs, Airlines, Cruise Lines, Holiday Companies and Travel Agencies all welcome applicants who can speak Foreign languages.  All of courses at Chataway are certificated and signed by our CEO.


Why not learn a language as a great fun activity to do together on our ‘New Friends’ course which is aimed at the complete beginner. Alternatively if you are planning a trip or your honeymoon well in advance you might like to start as a beginner on the ‘New Friends’ course, progress onto our ‘Stepping Up’ course then, move up to the ‘Conversationalist’ level before you go away. We are also able to offer private lessons from a variety of approved Chataway tutors.

Discounts for Couples & Friends

We offer a £25 discount per couple who sign up for our six week course. As always you just pay for the first lesson and after attending if you decide to continue the course then your discount will be applied to the balance for the whole course.