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According to the Office for National Statistics 20.2 million people visited the UK from Europe between June 2015 and May 2016 alone! Are you employees ready for them?

We can train your employees to communicate with the vocabulary and terminology for your sector. Perfect for customer service employees enabling them to give excellent customer service, increase the spend per capita of international customers in the retail sector by building a rapport with the client. Build stronger relationships in the travel and import/export industries by speaking a foreign language. Enable your staff to impress by giving presentations to clients, we can proof read everything for you. Whether you want the basics or a good command of Business terminology we can oblige. Perhaps you would like an economical way of retaining staff whilst offering them continued professional development. We can work out a bespoke package for you over a cup of coffee.


2.42 million French, Spanish and Italian speakers visited the North West in January to March this year (source Visit England)
Would you like more business from France, Spain and Italy? Why not welcome your guests in their own language. Your staff knowing the basics can make a significant difference to how your guests feel about your hotel. The first impressions they receive from the way they are welcomed and directed to their rooms from your reception staff can influence who they recommend and the online review they leave. That is why successful companies such as British Airways ensure their cabin crew know the basics in several languages. Even if your staff are not fluent in a foreign language, just being able to give directions to the room on the third floor, tell them the time that Breakfast is served and wishing them a pleasant stay in a guest’s own language can really give you the edge on your competitors.


Would you like your employees to be able to upsell to your international clients? With 2.42 million French, Spanish and Italian speakers visiting the North West in just January to March this year (source Visit England) this could be a great source of untapped revenue to your business. It is a common myth that all Europeans speak English and many over forties with disposable income from Italy and Spain speak a lot less English (if any) than their younger compatriots. Visitors from these countries expect a high standard of service, they expect to be shown garments in a variety of colours before they make a purchase. We can help your staff to understand cultural differences, expectations and importantly learn the vocabulary necessary to gain the extra business that is waiting for you.