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Chataway Language Courses are brought to you by Sandra Scott and her team. Director and Course Leader, Sandra, has travelled all over the world as cabin crew before studying Modern European Languages at the University of Liverpool. After University Sandra worked as a professional interpreter and foreign language tutor, before becoming Head Of Languages in a Secondary School. Chataway believe in delivering lessons that are suited to a range of learning styles and are ideal for those who have never spoken a word in another language before or for those who know the basics.

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Danny Clarke

Delighted to receive such a great testimonial after our first ever Chataway trip to France from a professional trainer as well!

Having spent last weekend on Sandra & Chataway’s first ever French language trip to Nice, I just had to pass a Testimonial for the talent that Sandra has.

As most of you know Sandra speaks numerous languages. I hated French at school simply down to the way I was taught. I still remember being hit in class for referring to a table as a ‘he’.

It’s very clear from working with Sandra she is passionate about what she does. She cares deeply about people learning and bettering themselves.

In terms of the trip itself I learnt so many different things, it’s hard to capture them all.

I would highly recommend everyone signing up to do training with Sandra. She is a special talent and I feel proud to know her! Well done Sandra!

Managing Director
Danny Clarke Training"

Martin Culich

Thank you for your wonderful lessons. My French has improved significantly and become more fluent. I really appreciate the way you organize it.

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